Welcome to Agrimperiale situated in wonderful land of Apulia with its traditions and flavours.

Our ethos provides with the security you seek from a foodstuff through sustainability, quality, unicity, and exclusivity.

Our supply chain has made up of local farmers, who work in harmony with the rhythm of the earth and cultivate crops following strict controls.

Ever Italian cuisine has been characterized by natural ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques developed across the fundamental traditions since a long time ago. It has always been known for its delicious, tasty, and simply dishes based on seasons vegetables.

We produce organic and conventional luxury vegetables

There’re perfectly adapted for vegan, gluten free, and lactose free clients.

As well as the emerged tendence confirms that more people prefer healthy food, low waste product’s line and hypocaloric dishes on dairy diet.

More and more the Apulian gastronomic excellence are winning back many hearts and minds.

That’s why you have to imagine the products that can give you the experience of a return to your origins and healthy eating that goes beyond a simple slogan.

Grace to our products it’s possible to create various gastronomic dishes, anyone never can find in whatever place.

There’re the products with a unique, authentic flavour, picked and packaged in just a few hours of harvesting, free from chemical additives.

About us

Agrimperiale works to offer a very high-level food safety, thanks to technologically advanced systems and strict quality control, from the field to the packaged product.


All our products are 100% Italians, naturals, and organics.

Into the tray you can find the various type of Apulian artichokes, for ex. grilled with stem or “Brunetto di Puglia” (the famous” Violetto” variety of Italian artichokes).